About Us

Women of Words

Content creators by day. Content consumers by night.

Who We Are

Caitlin Diamante and Meagan Cahuasqui make up the dynamic duo of Ctrl Copy Content.

Our Mission

We want to help clients connect with their customers to reach their full potential.

What We Do

We create relevant, credible, and valuable content for self-employed and small businesses to help them thrive and reach the next level.

We Help You...

Stay Relevant

Content that addresses your audience’s pain points keeps them coming back to you for solutions.

Show Credibility

Content that builds trust with your customers establishes you as a voice of authority in your field or industry.

Provide Value

Content that answers questions or solves problems helps you maintain loyal customers and gain new ones.

Our History

Meagan Cahuasqui holds a B.A. in Creative Writing with an M.B.A. in Marketing. She has worked as a professional writer and editor since 2014. Meagan writes and publishes fiction and poetry under the name Meagan Kimberly.

Caitlin Diamante holds a B.A. in History and has worked as a professional writer and editor since 2014. Her passion is solving the puzzle of well-written content and figuring out what fits every context.